NextStage Member Tools Explained

For anybody keeping track, here are our current tool offerings to NextStage Members. We keep adding tools as they become available and will update this list periodically. Some tools require training, some tools require our tracking code be on a digital property, some tools are so new they don’t have their own icons yet.

For those who don’t know, NextStage Membership costs $250US/year. There are lots of other benefits. Come play with our toys. They’re lots of fun and so are we.

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NextStage Resume Rater Tool – NSRR – V2

NextStage's Resume Rater ToolNextStage’s Resume Rater Tool was released to the public late in 3 Sep 10 and in the month and a half we’ve learned a lot from its users.

For one thing, the overwhelming majority of users are hiring people rather than job seekers. We also learned what this majority audience wanted to learn about candidates.

Long story short, we modified the NextStage Resume Rater Tool to better respond to what the bulk of the audience wanted. Specifically:

  • New
  • Removed
    • 0-100 scale Confidence Gauge
    • Instructions on how to improve a resume
    • How large a response the resume will receive

People who’ve purchased NSRR runs since 1 Oct 10 should be receiving a note indicating they’ve been credited with more runs. Please contact NextStage if you have purchased NSRR runs since 1 Oct 10 and do not receive a credit notification. Remember to have your receipt available when contacting us.

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