NextStage’s Social Interferometer Determines Candidate’s Best Position in Social Campaign

NextStage has been researching many aspects of social networking and related social behaviors on- and off-line since 1983. Several businesses make use of our expertise by asking us to help them create social marketing strategies and campaigns, and help them put together social marketing teams.

One piece of this work involved a three year research project to determine what social strategies were and were not successful. This research ran from 2009 to 2012 and involved monitoring the social marketing success of over 400 US and Canadian companies. The results were documented in 9 ways to guarantee a winning social campaign and 10 ways to guarantee a losing social campaign.

We quickly learned that the best starting point for a social campaign is to find the correct, best person to take on the social media/marketing campaign. Higher likelihood of success comes when that correct, best person has a team of similarly correct, best people working with him or her and that’s a completely different question that most businesses aren’t designed to answer.

There’s a lot that goes into the technical side of social marketing. Most of that can be learned given enough time.

But the social mindset side of social marketing? Does the person think socially? Do they understand either intuitively or through study how social networks function, what triggers them to act as they do, how to recognize real versus temporary influencers, …?

That was a totally different question. Companies are very good at recognizing managerial talent within their ranks and from a talented pool. Recognizing managerial talent that also has a strong social mindset is something else.

NextStage Social InterferometerNextStage developed a questionnaire based tool, the NextStage Social Interferometer, to help businesses determine what a candidate’s best position would be on a social marketing team; should they lead? would they be a good strategist? could they advise?

NextStage’s Social Interferometer is specifically designed to determine the questionnaire respondent’s best position on a social marketing team. The questions and their order is based on based on our research, studies and 1000+ interviews with people who’ve had positive ROI (their income greatly exceeded their spend) from social campaigns.

The complete NextStage Social Interferometer questionnaire takes most users 2-4 hours to complete and can be thought of as a second-level interview. Alternately, it can save social campaign/marketing job seekers people lots of pain by letting them know ahead of time how successful they’re likely to be, or what role they should apply for in a social marketing effort. We strongly encourage users to take more than one (1) hour and less than eight (8) hours for accurate results.


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