How Pretty Is Your Picture? (Koinophology)

NextStage is about to publish some research we find fascinating. In a nutshell, non-conscious positive and negative responses to facial and body images was demonstrated across age groups, genders, income and education levels. These responses are culturally bound and definitely affect marketing, especially integrated marketing. The science of how different cultures respond to face and body images is koinophology.

The Selling Face - Koinophology in MarketingAn Overview and actionable results of the first part of the research will be posted some time today in the NextStage Members’ Area. The full paper is available at NSE Consumer Research Paper – The Selling Face: A Study of Face and Body Biases in Marketing Communications, Part 1

Meanwhile…want to have some fun? Below is Appendix C of the paper, examples of koinophologically modified images. Before you ask, yes, NextStage’s Evolution Technology suggested how the images should be modified to produce the desired results. What was particularly gratifying was doing a “spot test” with some neighbors and getting the same results we got with a large world model in our real test.

Very exciting.

So, take a look and share your responses as comments. This could be fun…

Appendix C – Example Images

Which of the two faces below is preferred and for what purpose? Both faces can be used to market to culturally defined audiences, although the face on top (left in the Appendix) will sell one type of product and the face on the bottom (right in the Appendix) another. Further, each face is gender targeted; one will elicit stronger positive female responses, the other stronger positive male responses.


Which hand communicates more positively that life has been full and rich and well lived to Boomers? Which negatively?


Which face is “smiling for the camera” versus “really smiling”? Which face is communicating “I’m doing a job” versus “I’m really happy”?


Which child is having more fun?


Which child would cause mothers to purchase more milk? Fathers?


I’ll list which images are koinophologically modified after we get some responses.