You found it!


So far so good, yes? You’ve come to my new blog. I’m creating Triquatrotritecale because the KMM blogging platform, long home to my first blog, BizMediaScience, is becoming too finicky for my liking. I am, in that sense, the penultimate user; I want things to work when I need them to work and I want the interface to only change as I want it to. Forget if I need it to change, it should only change as I want it to change (I’ll accept a certain amount of pain (do you know the definition of “loyalty”?) but once that threshold is reached, I’m gone).

And that may well be the defining statement of this blog – Notes on the Penultimate User.

And I don’t mean me, by the way.

Okay, enough. Stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “You found it!

    1. Howdy, Jen!
      I know, it’s amazing what you can do on these things, isn’t it?

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